Confessions of an L/Ler
Archived Season 5, Season 6 and Season 7 ruminations on Smallville's Lex Luthor & Lana Lang.   By Jac, along with Lex & Lana Fans.

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Lex/Lana Youtube Channel

Stephanie, one of the Lex and Lana Tumblr's co-admins, has also started a Youtube Channel for Lex and Lana called Except You Ravish Me.

It is a fantastic, well-organized video repository for Lex/Lana scenes and Michael/Kristin interviews, especially when L/Lers need a little L/L or MK fix.

October 7, 2011 | 1:08 am | |


Tumblr is a more recent phenomenon for me. It is a fantastic reservoir for graphics, animated clips, videos, and short posts. Three fellow L/Lers have started a Lex and Lana tumblr.

L/L Tumblr

There are great gifs from L/L scenes in Metamorphosis, Hothead, Craving, Rogue, Kinetic, Nicodemus, among others.  There are also several fan art and vids that not only showcase the creative talent of the continuing L/L fandom, but also visually seductive.

A couple of recommended posts to start with:

But the entire tumblr is user-friendly and well worth the visit (regular visits actually).

In addition, one of the co-admins, Stephanie, a fantastic graphic/vid creator, has also selected Lex and Lana related quotes from several Smallville Official Companion books. 

September 6, 2011 | 2:09 pm | |


Lex and Lana fans found themselves in a unique position in Season 1.  Lex and Lana were not the primary love story of a show where most of the love stories told during seven seasons would meet tragic ends.  Some would argue that Lex and Lana were the "anti" love story.  But, clearly, an L/L fan was not one to follow what was "popular" or to mimic the masses.  Lex and Lana fans would chart their own course, filled with landmarks such as "Operation Whipcream", a bonafide L/L Manifesto, and a joint Crane Project.

Smallville Board @ FanForum  |  L/L Thread @ FanForum

I first met L/Lers at the Smallville forum within Fanforum. Soon, most migrated to the Lex/Lana forum at Devoted to Smallville. Known for their "long ass" analyses on subtext (including color and motif analysis) and characterization, L/Lers were considered the crazy bunch during the early seasons.  Who else would dissect all the possible L/L applications of things such as a line like "I think you're more interesting than that", the "Lillian Factor", Lex's affinity for brunettes, the lines of John Donne's Holy Sonnet 14, a young woman's pink ipod, the crimson red apples in a bowl, and Lana's red gloves, among many more other things?  But there was method in the madness. During Seasons 3 to 5, and early Season 6, L/Lers saw the realization of their years of textual and subtextual analyses.

L/L Forum @ Devoted Fans Network

One of the amazing features of the L/L fandom at the time, and still today, is that every L/Ler found a place within the community, whether it was as a "textual analyst", a fanfic writer, a graphic artist, a music video creator, a fan page admin, or a blog writer.  Best of all, L/Lers became friends. The community also branched into the online journaling spot, Livejournal (currently listing 132 members and watched by 102, with some names overlapping both categories).

L/L Livejournal Community

Activity has understandably lessened since L/L ended with finality in S7 and S8, and the Smallville series ended in May 2011. But the L/L community still has life. A few L/L fans still visit the "Lex and Lana Infinity" threads at Fanforum with some regularity. There is also some continued activity on DTS and LJ. When time allows, its nice to reminisce about what was, and think about what could have been.

Hopefully, our forums and livejournal will continue with discussion of L/L memories.

August 29, 2011 | 11:56 pm | |

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